Barangay 93.5’s Papa Chito Pursues To Be More Than Just the Voice for Radio Entertainment


There is truly purpose beyond talent. You can’t just keep singing because you know your vocal chords are out of this world. You can’t just dance and say you’re the best that there is. Guaranteed that when you have a gift, and you are born with something you are really good at, there’s a certain purpose and drive that keeps you from moving forward.

Let’s say the reason why a writer writes is because he or she wants to influence a generation, or a local designer whose lifelong goal is to break into the fashion industry and create masterpieces that will make a huge impact to the world. You can’t just be good at something and just be good at it. There has to be reason why you’re doing what you’re called to do.

We all have different reasons on why we are pushing ourselves to what we love to do, which is why we sat down with Barangay 93.5 Dagupan’s Papa Chito who believes in inspiration and something more than just talent. Papa Chito, otherwise known by his family and friends as Daryl Lomibao, vigorously dreamed to be a radio personality when he was a kid. Fast forward twelve years later and the dream came true when he got his shot in 2013— from 100.7 Star FM Dagupan and now to his home network in Radyo GMA. So what is his story? He shares, “I grew up listening to FM Stations— more on the disc jockey’s adlib, not really the music (laughs). And I thought that being a DJ was fun and interesting.” He also reveals about how he pretended to be a DJ at home when he was in grade school, “I used the clothing hanger as my microphone, then the songs I played were the songs on the radio. Whenever the DJ delivers his adlib, that’s the time I also [delivered] mine. I’ll just tone down the volume of my radio.” He even remembers naming ‘make-believe’ radio stations, such as ‘Happy Radio’, ‘Angel Radio’, ‘Happy Angel Radio’ and ‘Song FM’. Sure, it all seemed unrealistic and amusing in the beginning, but years later, it didn’t sound improbable anymore.


It all began at 100.7 Star FM Dagupan, where he had his first radio show, and where he was popularly known as DJ Darrel Mackerel. The experience opened him to new possibilities, which eventually led him to be the officer-in-charge two years later. But in 2016, he decided to take a new path as he eventually landed as Barangay 93.5’s newest jock. It was quite a journey— to try to adjust to a new environment, a new audience to entertain, and yet, still feel the passion in what he’s doing. He shares about his favorite part of being an on-air personality, “Whenever I open the microphone, inform and entertain the listeners, that’s always the best thing about radio.”

At the Top Level Management Conference 2015 in Iloilo City with fellow Officer’s-in-charge and Station Managers of Star FM. Photo. Daryl Lomibao

Although working on the radio meant that you had to be a talker, he admits being the opposite, “Honestly, I’m an introvert (laughs). No joke! I remember one time, someone approached me and asked a few questions to start a conversation, and I was just a [one-word-answer] man. I’ll just answer his questions without asking him back (laughs). And perhaps, he got bored, so he walked away.” He also acknowledges the fact that when he was young, it didn’t matter to him if he had company or what, “When I was a kid, you put me in a room with no one but me, that’s okay, as long as there are things that will contribute to my entertainment.”

Star FM Dagupan DJ’s. Photo. Daryl Lomibao

But aside from being the voice of the radio, he dedicates the other bigger side of his time to the church as a very active youth minister. He reveals that this part of his life came unexpectedly. He shares, “Honestly, at first, I really [didn’t] like joining church activities. Yes, I go to Mass, but that’s it. No community involvement. Until someone believed in me— in what I can do.” Eventually, this person led him to a very important matter in life, “He introduced Jesus to me. He became my mentor in the Youth Ministry. He didn’t give up on inviting me to attend church activities. Fast forward, I became a Youth Minister, by God’s grace.” He also says that it was a tough journey for him, and it still is, but he didn’t let anything or anyone stop him from fulfilling his purpose, “Because of God’s love and mercy, I’m still here. Praise God! I am what I am now because the Youth Ministry contributed a lot to me.” So what keeps him motivated? “The love and mercy of God that I’ve received and felt— and I want other people, especially the young, to receive and feel it, too. Because He first loved us, and the love of God is just there. We just have to be aware and acknowledge it.”


Living as an inspiration to the people around him especially to the young generation, he wishes to motivate and inspire more people. In fact, being the voice of the youth and the voice of the radio lets you do that in many interesting ways. However, being vocal and having the power to say what’s on your mind can sometimes cause other people to criticize you. As a public figure, you could never please everyone. Daryl believes that you will never be called a disc jock unless you’ve received one harsh comment from the public. He recalls the moments when he was bashed and cussed because of what he said on air, “I remember my high school classmate told my close friend that I didn’t have the right to give pieces of advice to people when it comes to love or relationship problems because according to him, I didn’t have much experiences in love back when we were in high school, and honestly, that’s true. I didn’t have a girlfriend back then.” But it didn’t take long for him to experience what he lacked, as that particular person said. “My pieces of advice [finally] came from those [personal] experiences, and others came from other people’s experiences.” He shares one more comment from a listener, “I remember someone bashed me, telling me how dare am I to give advice to married people, [when] in fact, I’m not yet married. I just told my listeners the truth that I am not married and perhaps, I am not the right person to give an advice for them, but whenever someone asked an advice regarding marital problems, I’ll base my advice on my observations on the marriage of my parents and the books I’ve read about marriage.” Because it’s not unexpected for a person in the media to be judged, he just tries to shake off all the criticisms that he receives, “I’ll feel uncomfortable, but I’ll just remember the principle ‘You can’t please everybody’ and go back to my core, to my purpose— why I am doing this, and that is to entertain and inform. If they were entertained and informed, thank you. If not, still, thank you.”



In fact, he tells us that he never thought about the competition that the industry offers. When asked about what sets him apart from other jocks, he answers, “Honestly, I don’t know and I don’t want to know. It will just add [more pressure] on my pressure-packed mind (laughs). We are on a competitive environment, but again to tell you honestly, I don’t think and focus on the competition, I just enjoy every moment.” He reminds himself of the reason why he is doing the job once again, “My purpose is to entertain and to inform, not to compete with other disc jockeys out there. As long as there is someone who lends an ear for me, I will still continue what I’m doing. At the end of the day, the person we need to compete against is ourselves.”

He also wishes to inspire people outside the radio and outside church, “Through writing, through books. One of my dreams is to publish a book— an inspirational one. Also, I am starting this dream of ‘building an army of Godly Men.’” Once again, he goes back to his core and purpose and aims to make it into something wonderful, “I have this advocacy of bringing back the dignity of guys, and prove to [women] out there, that there are still Godly men. I call this advocacy, or movement, eventually a ministry, PROJECT DAVID: Men After God’s Own Heart. This is based and inspired on the story of David.”


Without a doubt, he has definitely come far and has accomplished a lot, but Daryl believes that he still has more dreams to fulfill and pursue, “I have so many dreams. I am a man of dreams.” He also shares about something that he has been building privately, “I have this dream board (which he shares in public for the first time in this blog), wherein all of my dreams are there. Every morning, whenever I wake up, I look at it and pray for it, and of course, more importantly, act on it. Few dreams that included are, as I’ve said, I still want to publish a book, actually, many books.” They have also began building The Feast, or the weekly prayer meeting of the Light of Jesus Family founded by Brother Bo Sanchez in Dagupan City, “We’ve started that dream already, and I believe and claim it, in Jesus’ Name, God will bless it.” He also pursues to be the best that he is— to be the best son, brother, boyfriend, husband and father— soon to be in God’s perfect time. He also reveals one of his ultimate dreams, and that is to be married to the love of his life, Jobelle.


There is definitely purpose beyond talent. You can’t just to something because you’re good at it. Go back to your reasons; go back to your purpose. What is it? Daryl’s story proves that you can fulfill your lifelong passion and still serve your purpose. And though he admits to have encountered a lot of struggles, and still acknowledges that fact that the journey is tough — from being an influential radio jock, to a youth minister who wishes to change hearts— he pursues to remain true to his purpose as it is what keeps him who he is. It’s truly humbling to see how the spotlight of the radio never blinded him. Daryl is no doubt a light to people, and as he pursues to be more than just the voice for radio entertainment, it’s guaranteed that he’s going to move more hearts no matter where he is.

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