Caitlin Caporale Proves She Has More Than Just The Voice To Win The World


Some people spend a lifetime figuring out what they wish to do with their life. Others grow up vigorously trying to find what they are called to do. Sometimes, it takes a long time for people to search for what they are really good at. It’s safe to say that you’re at luck when you finally find it, because you don’t always have everything figured out right from the start.

But for some, they find the dream they’re meant to pursue at their earliest years. Some aspirants had it all figured out from the beginning that they were meant to play a certain instrument for a huge audience, or do art and inspire the world, or dance their hearts out and make more people move and inspire others to dream bigger dreams. These individuals have shown that a dream is never too early to be real, and no matter how young you are, it’s not impossible to already distinguish what makes your heart skip a beat.


It was so much like that for 25-year-old Caitlin Caporale, who considers music as her first love and has been singing to tunes at the early age of 3. Most popularly known as a contestant of hit reality search The Voice, Caitlin has long been dedicated to performing, even before joining the TV show. So how did the dream come about? She shares, “I’ve been singing since I was 3 years old, so it’s safe to say I’ve always wanted to be a singer. I vividly remember watching Shirley Temple in the movie Bright Eyes. She was singing “On The Good Ship Lollipop”, and I was mesmerized by the music and her ability to entertain. I knew in that moment I was meant to perform.” She also talks about the artists she grew up listening too, “I spent endless hours singing along to artists such as Carole King, Leslie Gore and Christina Aguilera, just to name a few.

Later on, YouTube began to introduce young internet sensations and rising stars, and the New York native found a new platform to share her talent, “YouTube became an outlet for me to showcase my voice and I looked forward to recording covers for the world to hear.” But Caitlin was eager to do more for her dream, and she wanted to keep singing in whatever way possible, “Any chance I had to sing in front of an audience I was there, whether it be a school talent show or in front of friends and family.” Willing to pursue her passion, she dared to try something different and created songs of her own, “As I got older, I wanted to explore songwriting, so I started to write poems. It was new to me, but I loved it. I knew that songwriting would take me to another level, so I tried my best to keep journals for inspiration.”


But what was probably her biggest career leap was when she joined one of America’s favorite singing shows to date. Eventually, she became part of the Top 20 of The Voice 2015, and looking back, two years doesn’t seem like a long time ago, as people and fans still remember how she impressed the Voice coaches with her undeniably powerful vocals. How was that experience for her? She recalls her unforgettable audition, “My blind audition was by far the highlight for me. Since it was the last day of filming, both Christina and Adam had reached capacity for their teams, so they couldn’t turn around even if they wanted to. My fate was up to Pharrell and Blake, both whom had only one spot left to fill.” She also remembers how nerve-wracking it felt, “Going in I could hear my heart pounding out of my chest! [But once] the music started and I began to sing, all my nerves [were washed] away. Both Pharrell and Blake turned for me. After I finished singing, Christina was slamming on her button, telling me she wished she could have turned and [that she] loved my performance. Ultimately, I chose to join Team Pharrell.”



Photo. NBC. Team Pharrell

But the most remarkable moment of her audition happened as one of the coaches offered her a once-in-a-lifetime duet, “Before I left the stage, the unimaginable happened. I got to live out a childhood dream of singing a duet with one of my biggest musical inspirations, Christina Aguilera.” The show gave her the chance to meet people she admired for years, “I went on to work with artists Pharrell Williams, Lionel Richie and Nate Ruess, which really inspired me to continue working towards this lifelong dream of mine.” She also shares about how grateful she is of being part of the competition and how it introduced her to new people she could share her music to, “The show was an amazing platform and it helped in widening my fan base. I continue to support my Voice family always and [we stay] connected as much as possible.

Photo. YouTube

Just like any other reality show, every season must come to an end. However, the end of a season doesn’t signify the end of an aspirant’s music career, as it marks a new chapter on the lives of each and every contestant. So it did for Caitlin, who went to guest on various big events, such as the K104.7 Summer Concert-KFest in New York where she opened the show alongside Robin Thicke, Flo Rida, Charlie XCX, Walk The Moon, Katy Tiz, Dillion Francis and more. She also headed straight to the studio to do her own music, “It was the perfect time to finally release original music. I had the platform from the show and a wider fan base who were eager to hear my work. I decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign and received an incredible response.” She wanted to offer her supporters something different, “The pressure was on to deliver something that not only I would love but the fans as well. I looked back at past journal entries for inspiration and collaborated with producers and musicians to help bring the project together. It was countless hours creating in my own space, recording in the studio, and brainstorming the visual aspects of the EP.” Her first EP, Canvas, was successfully released on November 29 of last year, “In the end, Canvas was a reflection of where I was in my life at the time and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product.”

In an industry filled with so much talent, it can be difficult to stand out and create a name. For someone to be uniquely identified in the business, one must always remember to offer something incredibly different from the rest. You can’t just have a great singing voice to win a crowd. Talent is admired, but versatility is sought-after. The young singer tells us that she is not the kind of artist who puts herself in a box when it comes to musical genres, “I’ve grown up loving Pop, R&B, Country, Rock, Hip Hop and Broadway. My vocal abilities allow me to put my spin on all types of music, which I think separates me from other singers out there. I am petite but my strong voice surprises most people.”


No doubt, the range of genres that Caitlin could offer is exceptionally surprising. Powerhouse queens Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are just some of the artists that she got inspiration from as a singer, and she says that their talent motivates her to be a better vocalist and songwriter. She recalls meeting Kelly during the show and the experience was priceless, “I’ve been a fan since she won American Idol back in 2002. I’ve had the privilege of meeting her at The Voice finale and I have to admit, I fangirled! It’s so refreshing meeting a talent like Kelly Clarkson and seeing how humble she is.” The Voice alum shares her dream to work with the popstar, “Her vocal range, passion and songwriting ability is incredible. She is for sure on my bucket list of artists to work with.” Aside from them, Carole King, Leslie Gore, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley are also some of the greats that she looks up to.


You may wonder who Caitlin Caporale is when she isn’t on stage or on the studio. Well, she’s just like any other regular folk as she admits to enjoy watching the TV series’ “This Is Us” and “Younger”, which she is currently obsessed with. She is also seen as a visible public figure on Twitter, as she is very open and friendly to any fan. During her free days, she shares that she works out, goes shopping and spends time with her family and friends. But she also admits that her days are mostly filled with music, as she teaches voice at The Rock Underground Music School and runs a Glee class.

Now that she pursues to continue inspiring people with her undeniable talent, what’s next for Caitlin? She reveals that she is making new music, I have been writing new music! I am working towards having a new single out before the end of 2017. I can’t wait to share it!” Yet every dreamer has something that they look forward to out of their careers. What is her biggest dream as a performer? I want to tour the world and sell out arenas! Hearing a sold out crowd singing my songs back to me is something I look forward to accomplishing. Music is a beautiful thing—it has brought joy and healing into my life.” She also reveals her ultimate goal, “My ultimate goal has always has been to win a Grammy. I also plan on playing many more shows and visiting places I have yet to go.” And though she shares that there are no current plans to go out of the country, she wishes to do so in the future. “I would love to visit the Philippines of course, and Brazil. I’ve noticed a wide range of my fans are from Brazil.


This young lady has definitely come far from the little girl singing to Shirley Temple. From being a young dreamer and a rising internet sensation, to letting the world watch her on a phenomenal TV show, and to releasing music of her own, there’s no doubt that we will be hearing more from her pretty soon. The road to her dreams isn’t perfect, but her courage to fulfill them is the reason of her accomplishments, “My drive and passion for music is like no other. I don’t allow setbacks to keep me down as I continue to push through barriers.” She adds, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m Possible’.” She also sends out a message to anyone who tries to reach for a dream, “Start forming productive and positive habits today. Don’t procrastinate. Hearing no is part of the journey. Try not to let it keep you down for too long. Have faith and do not give up!”

Caitlin Caporale

At 25, Caitlin has proved that she has grown as an artist and as an individual, “I am stronger and more determined than I ever thought possible. Through all the ups and downs, the one thing that remains the same is my love for singing and music.” Indeed, she has more than the voice and talent to make it out there. She is a versatile young singer and a very down-to-earth one, tooproven as she shows that she isn’t unreachable to people who look up to her. What’s appealing is that she’s not afraid to tell the world about her dream, and it’s a clear guarantee that the world will definitely hear about her more.

Caitlin’s debut EP Canvas is available now on all digital platforms iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify and Pandora.

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Photos Courtesy of Caitlin Caporale

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