Rising Star Flint Bedrock is Making Waves as He Sets Encouragement Through His Music


So many people in this world long to get out of their comfort zones and accomplish incredible things. Dreamers vividly imagine themselves fulfilling their biggest desires — even if it seems impossible, even if it is outright hopeless. The price is indeed anticipated, and it would mean the world when one finally gets his or her shot.

But also, many of us believe that we are limited to what we have and where we are. If you’re not from a particular city or if you didn’t graduate from a huge and famous school, your dreams are just bittersweet dreams and will hardly be ever recognized, so they say. But as much as people are trying to believe this, a dreamer should be more determined to prove people wrong. Any person, no matter what limitation he or she has, is capable of making his or her dream a reality.

We had the chance to talk to UK based singer Flint Bedrock who knows what it means to dream despite his limitations. Originally from Zimbabwe in Africa, the 32-year-old singer first grew to love music when he was very young. He shares, “My first musical experience was at the age of 5 when my mother got me a piano tutor who would come to our family home twice a week. I quickly fell in love with playing the piano and went on to perform in church and school on several occasions.” However, he didn’t consider it to be more than a hobby until much later in his life. As a kid, he says that he wasn’t pushed to become an artist, or a singer, or anything inclined to music in particular, as the path wasn’t much considered a career in his country, “Growing up, I was encouraged to [pursue a more] academic career prospect largely because music in my home county is not really considered to be a viable career path and does not offer a stable or reliable source of income.

But that path had its way of calling him back to music as he moved to the vibrant city of London on his late teens. Coming from Zimbabwe, he knew what it felt to not be opened to that many opportunities. He shares, “Moving to London at the age of 17 was a very exciting experience, as you can imagine being a teenager living in a third world country and suddenly finding yourself in one of the biggest cities in the world would be both exciting and frightening at the same time.” He talks about the amazing experience of moving to the city, “Musically, it opened a whole new world and enhanced my creativity. It exposed me to so many different types of music.” But it wasn’t until two years later when he moved to Leeds in the UK that his music career finally began, “My musical journey in the United Kingdom began 2 years after I had arrived in the country when I moved out of London and came across some local musicians in the city I now call my home, Leeds City. It’s been an amazing experience so far. I enjoy what I do and that to me is the most important thing.”


With music artist Malaikah and music producer Rymez.

He then rediscovered his love for music. Thanks to the help of a group of musicians in Leeds, he was finally living the dream. He was able to release his debut single “Dreamer in 2011, which led to a record deal. However, it wasn’t all lavish in the beginning. He shares about an experience that left a big lesson and realization to him, “—in 2011, I turned down a record deal offered to me after I released my first single. Up until that moment, that is all I wanted but when it came to it, I realized that everything has a price and at that point, I wasn’t prepared to give up the rights to my music for very little in return other than having the pleasure of being affiliated with a big record label”. He considers it to be one of the most defining and most life-changing moments in his career, “It became apparent to me that I needed to do more, learn more in order to put myself in a position where I could attract the right kind of investment and partnerships.” He decided to do things his way without compromising his music and his rights to it, “I decided to go at it alone, to work hard with the view of taking my music to the world other than sitting around, hoping and waiting for someone somewhere to come and give me the big break I needed.” At present, he is not only a recording artist. He also runs a record label and an artist and event management company, “I also offer music branding, marketing and PR consultancy services among other things. Everything I do is around music. I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing artists from all over the world in this capacity and continue to do so.



But who is Flint Bedrock as a music artist? His latest solo single “Can’t Bring Me Down” will tell you. His songs are all about delivering a message. He tells us that he is a pop singer with his craft mixed with a bit of RnB, soul and dance, but he also shares that he doesn’t conform to genres, “Music to me is about the message and the genre or style of music is nothing more than a vehicle to deliver that message. My latest single ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’ is an up-tempo, uplifting pop song which encourages listeners not to let life’s many challenges bring them down.”

He also pursues to standout in the industry, “I do me. Art is expression of self and that in itself makes me and what I do unique. I am not one to follow trends. My sound is different and my music comes from my heart.” He vies to go out as an inspiration and encouragement to people around the world through his music, “I have a passion for spreading positivity and encouraging people to believe more in themselves and to boldly go after their dreams.”


With his inspiring success, has he ever thought of coming back to his hometown? He tells us that he has plans to go back and share the music that he does, “I plan to do a tour in my home country in the very near future. It’s something I have always wanted to do.” What does his family have to say about all the glitz of his career? “My family and friends have been incredibly supportive. My younger brother who is currently living in Zimbabwe is also a musician and most of my friends are musicians or have something to do with the music industry.”

But what sets him apart from all the talented bunch that is of his contemporary is his heart itself. He wishes to deliver inspiration, and his motivation to continue making music is the people around the world, “I am inspired by people. It’s the human stories that inspire me to make music.” As a singer, he aims to send out a message of hope, “My life experiences and that of the people around me and indeed those all over the world— you only have to switch your television on to see the amount of suffering going on all over the world. I hope my positive message can help someone better navigate through the challenges of life and offer some respite even for a moment,“ He adds, “If someone somewhere can say their day or their week or life was better because of my music, that would be the greatest honor. I hope to inspire and empower people.”


So what’s next for Flint? This December, his collaboration with music artist Malaikah will be released. He also shares about his plans to travel, “I am planning to do a lot of travelling next year and maybe have a tour.” He also wishes to fly to the Philippines, “I’d love to visit the Philippines— such a beautiful country with amazing people.

As he always does, he sends out a message to all dreamers, “You’ll never know until you try. Believe in yourself, work hard to perfect your art, be objective and [be] honest with yourself. Don’t try to be someone else, be yourself, invest in your career. There are no shortcuts to success,“ He shares his career secrets, “The key is knowing yourself and being able to take advantage of your strengths while making sure you manage your limitations, being honest with yourself, managing expectations and always being objective. Hard work, consistency and patience are keys to achieving your goals.”

Undoubtedly, the limelight is bound to be even brighter for this pop singer. He doesn’t only shine because of his talent, but he also sets as an encouragement for people. From his humble beginnings, he has proved that anyone can truly be who they wish to be. He tells us, “I believe that you can be whatever you want to be in this life. It’s fair to say we don’t all have the same opportunities due to socioeconomic factors, but if you are willing to do what it takes then you can be whatever you want to be.”


So to say, it’s not important if you’re not from a particularly big city, or if you didn’t graduate from a huge and famous school. Because whatever people say, it’s certain that no matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.

Indeed, Flint is one dreamer and nothing can bring him down.


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Photos Courtesy of Flint Bedrock

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